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Sylphide Taupe Russet / No. 031


Named after the two-act romantic ballet, Sylphide is one of our most coveted styles. This ribbed ballerina crop top is made from 100% baby alpaca and features ¾ sleeves and is a medium weight, compared to our lightweight Marie.





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Knit Library Data

No. 031
Name: Sylphide
Stitch: Ribbed
Gauge: 12gg
Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca
Made in: Peru
Sizes: XS - L
Collage: France

XS= BUST 32” WAIST 24” HIPS 34”
S= BUST 34” WAIST 25” HIPS 35”
M= BUST 36” WAIST 29” HIPS 39”
L= BUST 37” WAIST 30” HIPS 40”

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