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Sverige Collage


Celebrating the tradition of textiles, craftsmanship, and collaboration, each knit in our library has a point of origin, a distant ancestor or family likeness, and we have named them after the rich history and natural wonders of the countries that inspired their creation:

Sverige, Norge, Denmark, Ísland, Rossiya, Éire, Alba, Nederland, England, France, Elláda, Italia, España, Canada, United States, Perú, Misr, Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyyah, Botswana, Nippon, People's Republic of China, India, Sri Lanka, Aotearoa, and Bahrain.

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Hesperios Knit Library Artifact


Fårö wears a famous crown: the genteel Hoburgsgubben, or the Hoburg gentleman. These limestone sea stacks stand gnarled and everlasting, composed of the same stone that forms the bedrock of the island itself. The oldest standing buildings on Fårö also wear lime, in the form of calcium carbonate that has been burned and slaked and made into mortar or plaster. The masons seemingly learned their craft from the rock itself.