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Freya / No. 006


Freya is our short sleeve turtleneck named after the Norse Goddess of love and fertility. This understated top is made of the softest 100% pima cotton and features scallop details on the foldover neck and ¾ sleeve cuffs. This slim fit layers well under our Fårö.





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Knit Library Data

No. 006
Name: Freya
Stitch: Jersey
Gauge: 12gg
Materials: 100% Pima Cotton
Made in: Peru
Sizes: XS - L
Collage: Norway

XS= BUST 32” WAIST 24” HIPS 34”
S= BUST 34” WAIST 25” HIPS 35”
M= BUST 36” WAIST 29” HIPS 39”
L= BUST 37” WAIST 30” HIPS 40”

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Psychological studies of Norway have shown that the farther north researchers traveled, the more positive subjects were about winter weather. The positivity about challenging winter weather has a name in Norwegian: Koselig. The term doesn’t have an easy translation into English. The ideology, which is understood across Norway but is most ardently deployed in the coldest regions in the winter months, is about warmth, simplicity, and finding the brightest aspects of a dark season—literally and metaphorically.